What Do Women Like (Part 2)

Dont be surprised when I tell you that women fantasize just like men. They not be as open about it or they keep it to themselves in fear of embarrassment. In this two part article I will discuss some of the top fantasies of a woman. This article is not intended to go back to your mate with and say see I know you want to do this. You should never push your partner to reveal their fantasies because they are theirs and if they want to include you they will. Fantasy can be a great tool in the bedroom to spice up a sex life.

1. Two Women
This should be no surprise. Its public knowledge that women can be better at pleasing other women than men. This isnt a knock towards men. The nice thing about this fantasy is that the man is usually a willing partner. However you have to be careful because adding another woman can spring up some jealousies later.
2. The Oldest Trade In History
Women quite often like to pretend they are prostitutes. With this fantasy you should role-play the entire scenario. You should ask how much , pick her up, and after everything is said and done you should pay her and since shes your real life partner it wouldnt hurt to give a nice tip.
3. Three Way
Probably one of womens biggest fantasies is having two men in bed with her. This one is tough on guys but it can be very rewarding for a relationship. A woman loves to have two guys pleasuring her that only guys can. Once again though if you are in any way insecure about our relationship then this might not be the one you want to pursue.
4. Shes The Man
Most guys would say absolutely not to this one but for the few that do give in they are doing a wonderful thing for their partner. A girl likes to use a strap on with their partner. It makes them feel like they are in control. There are some women out there who want the power and this is definitely a way to give it to them.
5. Assault
While I am reluctant to even include this one you would be surprised how many women fantasize about being raped. Again this is role playing but I would be careful how far I take it. Rape is a very serious issue and not something to be taken lightly but some girls like it when their man roughs them up, rips their clothes off and takes all the control away.
These are only meant to be tips. There has to be two willing partners. The right fantasy can do wonders to spice up your sex life. But guys I also want you to remember there is nothing that turns a girl on more than good old fashioned love making.
This is the end of my last article entitled What Do Women Like. While these are fantasies that women like to get involved in at times remember most of the time it is just fantasy. They use the scenarios to heighten their orgasms. So be careful to never push your partner into something they really dont want to do
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