God is Omnisexual

Life is SexSex is Life.

Only those afraid of Life will want to throttle, control, harness, corral, use Sex for their own control purposes. If you enjoy Life, enjoy freedom, enjoy openness, then you will allow others to express however they choose.

There are no wrong Bodies.

Being to being love doesnt decide it cant love that other being because they have the wrong body! This is the knowledge of good and evil that I keep talking about, deciding that something, some expression of divine Love is evil, or wrong or bad. It is this deciding, this judging that places whats being judged outside of Love. It is in our fallen state that we have let the Mind of Judgment take over and decide through the knowledge of good and evil what we designate as outside of God. And the rest is what has become fallen, divided (into good and evil) history on Earth. We are fighting our selves. We are the divided beings split into good and evil parts and then we continue trying to kill the other while all this fighting our selves is doing is bringing the whole thing down into real death, which is the stoppage of energy.

Categorizing Minds put us in a Box.

The Mind wants us to have definite categories of who we can love, or how that love is supposed to look. Anytime there is a should, a supposed to, this means it is expected, ordered, and the Impulse of Life, of Love is not free to express in the moment how it wishes to. This is imprisoned love and feeds energy to the Mind, the Controller, Lucifer. The Mind is not meant to run the Creation, it is meant to carry out as a helper, the directive of the Heart, Divine Will. The Mind has cleverly created control on Earth by getting most people to believe that what they think of as Divine Will is really the Minds shoulds, prescribed behaviors, the Minds preprogrammed formulas for living. Take a look, start seeing in your life where you are living in tyranny of shoulds. Practically everything most people do is run by some should, some Mind program of wanting approval or power over others, or running from fear of death. What happened to our freedom to be as we choose?

Sex is the Power Source.

Since Sex is the power source of Life the Mind has developed especially powerful mind control programs around the expression of love in the physical way. The Mind wants contracts, love = ownership, sign on the dotted line, swear to honor and obey until death do us part types of controls on expression of sexuality because the Mind can control these expressions, keep the energy imprisoned and feeding the control beliefs/programs in the Mind.
Youre my husband/wife/boyfriend/girlfriend and youre supposed to &hellip,..(X)

There are eons of rules pounded in by guilt and shoulds about how we are supposed to act. Yet at the same time we know in our hearts that you cant set rules about love. So were caught in the cross-fire of the Impulse of Love and the Control of the Mind. Its been a very painful existence for most humans under this yoke of control. Its not painful if youve shut off your heart and become a blind follower of the rules. But then youre already dead, a slave to the MindLucifer and wont be reading this. And I think Im finally learning to let the dead bury the dead.

Openhearted Sex dissolves all the Rules.

Free, openhearted, spontaneous loving sex dissolves all the rules, agreements, contracts on love and sex. But the Mind can still control us if it punishes us with Guilt when we break the rules about how we should be loving and having sex. This is so deep at this time in human behavior programming that the individual who breaks the rules is still most of the time branded with a Scarlet Letter. Theyre punished and even if theyre not actually stoned to death anymore, they are often socially cast out. The woman who has sex with too many men is still called a whore and a slut, the man who feels love for another man is called queer, or fag. These outlaws are thrown into categories by the Mind. Both gays and heterosexuals hate the bisexuals for example. Youre not allowed to feel love for other beings regardless of their body type, you must choose a Mind controlled category to put yourself in. Cmon youre either gay or straight, there aint no in between, cmon which is it? This is one of the Minds favorite ploys, Youre either one of us, or youre one of them. Even the president of the U.S. recently used this Mind-Luciferian ploy when telling other countries of the world, Youre either with us or youre with the terrorists. Unbelievable, but it still works because most people are hopelessly caught in the grip of the Mind. Every teacher, every real spiritual master has tried to point the way to feeling, to being, to the heart beyond the mind categories. Thats why you cant make rules about a masters teaching and why the teachings of a true master after they are gone almost always get twisted and taken over by the Mind and degenerate into silly rules of behavior that the Mind loves. The hem of yours skirt must be only 6 inches above your ankles, you must cover your whole body except the eyes, you cant eat pork, you can only eat pork on Thursdays, youre not allowed any meat, you must kill the animal this way for it to be holy, you cant have sex before marriage, you must have sheet between you when you first have sex, you can have sex with men, you cant have sex with men, this is an abomination this is holy, you must wear funny hats&hellip,you should&hellip,you must&hellip,etc., etc., etc.


God is OmniSexual!

God loves animals, loves aliens, loves you, loves women, loves men&hellip,loves every one and every thing in the creation. God is Omnisexual. S/He is not gay or straight or alien or bestial or anything, only. S/he is all those things and more. Omni = Everything, Omnisexual, All is Sex, Sex is All, Life is Sex, Sex is Life. No division, no categories, no judgment, no this better than that, S/He loves All of us, all of the creation. And loves us not in a paternalistic, patronizing, looking down from on high above the lower functions way, but loves us from inside, inside our cocks and pussies, inside our hearts, loves all of us, just as we are, no judgment, enjoying the physical as much as the spiritual since All is Love, All is God. This is the Advaita consciousness in the Indian traditions that advanced yogis exhibit and share with others. All is One, is God, All That Is.

Beings Outside the Box.

One of the most threatening beings on the planet today is the one who refuses to be categorized, and tries instead to live by the Impulse of Life, moment by moment following their intuition. No Im not gay, but yes Ive had sex with men. No Im not straight but Ive had sex with women. No Im not an alien but Ive had sex with aliens. No Im not an Angel but Ive had sex with Angels. This threatens everything, all the categories that the Mind has worked so hard to develop in order to control us all with. In this season of upheaval (up heaven) the Mind is going to desperately try to put Pandora back in her Box to get everything back under control. But its too late, Shes already out and Loving Freedom is coming back to Earth one way or another. We can choose to have this New Heaven, New Earth manifest the hard way through plagues, viruses, war, disease, earthquakes, violent weather etc. or we can surrender to the new flow of Life, the new Paradigm and allow our static, stuck mind programming-beliefs-ideas-traditions to gently melt away. Its up to us&hellip,but its coming one way or another.

Get in touch with your Heart, with the Love of God and it will guide you through the coming changes. No rules of behavior will help you anymore. The Earth wants Heart directed beings to live on her and so Chaos is coming to cleanse all those who live by static (dead) formulas and rules. This process is wonderful, energizing and liberating for those who want real freedom and love, and it is terrifying, doomsday, chaos Armageddon to those who desperately cling to rules, formulas, Mind programming.

The word Apocalypse means: Full, divine Revelation.
The Veil is rendered, we stand again face to face with God, in direct conscious communion with the Creator.
(Look it up in the dictionary)

This is whats coming.

Author’s Bio:

Tobias Lars of Sedona B.S., MBA is a Spiritual Healer and Consultant with over 25 years experience in physical and spiritual healing. In his career he has also been the founder of two international trading businesses, a national seminar leader in cutting edge consciousness development, owner of a movie production company and a Yoga teacher. He currently works as a spiritual counselor focusing on Soul Activations and Soul Counseling. He can be reached at 602.672.5539 or SoulCounseling.com

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